In bocca el lupo

This is a work for solo marimba written by Mihai Popean.  This is the world premiere performance of the piece.


Glassworks: Islands (performed on DrumKATs)

I have been fascinated with the music of Philip Glass for quite a while, and have been very interested in creating versions of it that can be played by a single player.  I have spent a good deal of time creating a solo version of several movements of Glassworks, and this is one of them that I played on a recital in January 2014 on two DrumKAT’s.


Six Japanese Gardens

This wonderful piece by Kaija Saariaho is one of the gold standards for multiple percussion works with electronics. As is typical of Saariaho, she blends the sounds seamlessly together creating wonderful textures for the ear.



Observations was performed at the PASIC 2014 Music Technology Day by my percussion duo, Ensemble570. My duo partner Kyle Maxwell-Doherty first introduced me to this piece in early 2014, and it struck a chord with both of us.

Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom is a work for snare drum and voice by Dan Senn.


Pasiphae (performed with Steph Titus)

Pasiphae for Piano and Percussion is by Samuel Adler.


Music for Snare Drum and Computer

This piece by Cort Lippe is a wonderful piece that involves playing on the sides, rim, and head of the drum and creating many unique sounds.  The computer part mostly is involved with live manipulation of the sound though at times certain types of playing trigger short sound files.


Composed Improvisation for Snare Drum

Composed Improvisation is very typical of Cage’s later chance works.  It is 8 minutes in length, and almost all other aspects of the piece are decided by chance operations.  The chance operation used in this piece was drawing numbers out of a hat.



Canyon is a 5 movement marimba solo by Kevin Puts.  It was written for Makoto Nakura, and features a symmetrical form to the movements.


A Minute of News

Composed by Eugene Novotney, this highly rhythmic snare drum solo contains interesting notation and uses several different techniques on the drum.


On observations of interconnected disarray

Composed by C.R. Kasprzyk, this piece is for bass drum and live electronics. The electronic elements of this piece center around both live processing and field recordings, with the live processes being randomly selected through the piece.


Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra

Composed by Alvin Lucier, this piece explores the sonic possibilities of a single triangle. At any time the performer is to alter one parameter of the performance at a time, out of a given set of variables.